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Rusty Nail and Tetanus

Tetanus is caused by the C. tetani bacteria flourishing in an oxygen-deprived wound. While rusty nails do not cause tetanus, they can be exposed to elements that can infect the patient with this disease. Seeking treatment right away is essential to preventing the disease from taking hold.learn more

Tetanus Symptoms

Tetanus is an avoidable bacterial infection that mainly occurs because of some wounds and skin breaks. The tetanus symptoms can become very serious if proper medical care and help is not sought, therefore it should never be taken casually.learn more

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative condition that affects how the patient moves. It usually affects older people and can be treated using a number of treatment methods. learn more

What Is Tetanus?

Ever wondered why you need to get immunized against tetanus? If you have, then you need to read this article to find out what is tetanus, its symptoms, causes and treatments if you are infected.learn more