How to Lose Face Fat 

image001One of the biggest problems people encounter when losing weight is their face fat. Many people are confused about how to lose face fat. They start seeing weight loss results all over their bodies but when it comes to their faces, it just doesn’t look like anything is happening. Follow the instructions below and you will see a difference.

5 Ways to Lose Face Fat

1. Lose Weight

By losing weight, you will be losing weight from your entire body (although it is not an overnight remedy).To know how to lose face fat, you should first of all know the reasons for that.  If the reason you have face fat is because you’re overweight, dieting and doing exercise is your best cure. In some people, this will make all the difference they need. For others, however the results may be less dramatic, nearly everyone notices at least a little improvement.

2. Take Facial Exercises

If a low calorie diet and general exercise don’t work for you, you might want to try facial exercises. Although these aren’t proven to actually work, they have proven to be extremely effective by some people.

  • By using the top of your hand, keep tapping at the bottom of your chin rapidly and firmly. Repeat this action as often as you can.
  • Smile with your lips closed against each other, then suck in your cheeks and count to 10. Relax your face again and then repeat. Do this at least 10 times.

Watch this video to lose face fat by face yoga.

3. Avoid Some Foods

  • Soda. Even though we all love to drink a little soda with our meals, it’s actually one of the worst things to do if you’re trying to cut back the calories and lose weight. Soda is full of sugars, cabs and sodium so drinking even just one can of soda can be totally counterproductive towards your effort of losing weight. Diet soda is also bad and can make it harder for you to lose weight.
  • Processed Foods. It’s no secret that processed foods are bad for you, because the trans and saturated fats can’t be easily digested by your body and are stored at anywhere your body stores fat, including your face.
  • Fatty Meats. Fatty meats contain a lot of trans fat which is very bad for you. Instead of bacon and fat meats, go with chicken and other low-fat choices when eating out and avoid fast food at all costs!
  • Tobacco and Alcohol. Smoking can seriously affect the healthiness of your skin and cause it to sag. Alcohol can cause dehydration and leads your skin to bloat. Most alcoholic drinks are also high in calories. Both are back ways to lose the fat around your face and should be avoided.

4. Make Up

Much like how a magician tricks everyone into thinking he’s made things disappear -- by misleading them -- you can know how to lose face fat in the same way. How? By disguising the roundness of your face. This trick will mostly only work with people who have long hair and wear makeup.

  • Adding a little blush along your jaw line can help conceal your double chin. Start from under your ears and brush in all the way to your chin. Make sure the complexion is evenly distributed so that it blends. Add a little white power on the tip of your chin for a contrast and the end result will be very slimming.
  • If you want to make your entire face appear thinner, add some bronzer on your cheeks and temples, as well as under the chin. Add some white powder on the tip of your chin, forehead and bridge of your nose for effect.
  • Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure you have the best possible hairstyle that will draw attention away from a too-round face and instead complement it. Some hairstyles can make your face look a lot bigger than it really is and if you’re trying to make sure it looks smaller than it really is, you may have to change it. Go to your hairdresser and ask him/her which styles are best for the shape of your face.

This video will teach you how to lose face fat in 5 minutes.

5. Try Medical Magic

  • Ultrasound. Ultrasound is another method that had become commonly used in cosmetics. The ultrasound machine sends energy deep in the skin, where it melts fat cells without damaging the tissue or nerve cells. The melted fat then leaves the body through natural ways.
  • Liposuction. Liposuction is considered more aggressive than ultrasound. This can also be performed alongside ultrasound. Liposuction involves sucking fat out of your body by inserting tiny hoses. Unlike larger areas, it works very well on double chins and jowls and can also be used on fat cheeks.
  • Cosmetic Surgery. While expensive, nearly everyone is doing it this day and the results can be amazing.

Tips and Warnings

1. Pay Attention to Some Procedures

If you’re thinking of having any expensive/invasive procedures done to reduce your facial fat, you must take your precautions and do your due diligence. Talk to others who have undergone the same procedure, get as much information as you can from various reliable sources and even ask for your doctor’s opinion. You should also understand exactly how much the procedure will cost, if it has side effects, how long the recovery time will be and what are any other possible complications.

2. Stay Away from Overmedication

If you’re someone who takes a lot of medication, you may need to slow down. Taking a lot of pain killers or analgesics can cause you to store more water in your body. This increases your problem, and doesn’t help it at all.