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Aug 04, 2019

Do Floaters Go Away?

The grey or black small moving spots in your vision are floaters. Do floaters go away? Why we have floaters? How to get rid of them? Here are the answers. more »

Apr 29, 2019

Detached Retina Symptoms

Detached retina symptoms include dark curtain effect, flashing light and floaters in the vision. It's vital to seek medical help as soon as you notice the symptoms. more »

Apr 22, 2019

11 Best Home Remedies for Dry Eyes That Bring Instant Relief

Home remedies for dry eyes like cucumber, castor oil, etc. can save you from dealing with serious discomfort. But talk to your doctor if remedies don’t work. more »

Apr 13, 2019

Eyes Watering Constantly

Eyes watering constantly can be caused by two main reasons: Excessive tear production or abnormal drainage of tears. You should treat watering eyes according to the causes. more »

Mar 10, 2019

Swollen Eyelids

There are various causes of swollen eyelids. Knowing the symptoms that go along with causes of eyelid swelling can prevent vision or health threatening consequences. more »

Mar 04, 2019

How to Grow Eyebrows

How to grow eyebrows can be a concern for many females. Fortunately, here we list 7 safe and effective natural ways and 3 convenient commercial products help you make that. more »

Mar 03, 2019

Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink eye symptoms: tearing, redness, itchiness, discharge of yellowish-green pus, etc. See a doctor and get timely treatment to prevent eye impairment. more »

Dec 17, 2018

Puffy Eyes: Causes and Remedies

Puffy eyes may occur due to various factors like lack of sleep and hormonal changes. You can deploy tricks to reduce puffiness, such as using topical gels and creams. more »

Nov 14, 2018

How to Make Eyelashes Grow

Want to know how to make eyelashes grow? There are some techniques like using olive oil that can help grow or even re-grow your eyelashes, though any damage to the eyelashes can cause them to break off. more »

Aug 14, 2018

What to Do About Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

Broken blood vessel in eye leads to a patch of extreme redness in your sclera without much pain. The condition is usually not serious and resolves on its own within several weeks. more »

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