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Jul 26, 2019

Pollen Allergy Symptoms

Pollen allergy symptoms include cough, itchy throat and mouth, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Learn sources of pollen, how to avoid and treat this allergy here. more »

Jul 19, 2019

Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

Here is a comparison between gluten intolerance and celiac disease: differences, risk factors, symptoms and prevention methods. more »

May 18, 2019

Causes, Symptoms and First-Aid for Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction may just be itching and redness but can also cause swelling and suffocation. Learn now the first-aids for allergic reactions to properly deal with it. more »

Apr 30, 2019

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Allergies are the body's immune system reaction to ordinarily harmless substances. Here are some very effective natural remedies for allergies that you can try. more »

Jan 19, 2019

Nut Allergy Symptoms

Nut allergy symptoms include watery and itchy eyes, skin rash, vomiting, swollen throat, trouble breathing, unconsciousness……. Treatment and prevention here. more »

Sep 09, 2018

Can Local Honey for Allergies Help?

Is local honey for allergies effective? Local honey may help you build antibodies to local pollen spores so you can avoid allergy reactions. But how should you apply it? more »

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