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Heart Attack Symptoms in Men

Heart attack symptoms in men are normally reported in sedentary and middle aged individuals and marked by chest pain, upper body discomfort and other signs of low tissue oxygenation. Urgent and emergent medical care can prevent serious complications to a large extent.learn more

Home Remedies for UTI

Urinary tract infections (UTI) can be painful, but there are good home remedies that can offer relief. Try out these home remedies for UTIs for a few days and you might be able to avoid giving the doctor a call.learn more

Hormone Imbalance Treatment

The endocrine system regulates hormones, and if the body has too little or too much hormone, you will suffer from hormonal imbalance. The consequences can be severe and life threatening. Get hormonal imbalance treatment as soon as possible.learn more

What Causes Nipple Pain in Male?

Nipple pain in male has many causes: friction, cysts, mastitis, medication, liver damage, etc. Soothing it is easy but knowing when to see doctors is vital.learn more

Prostate Cancer Stages

Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer in men. It is important that men get regular checkups and that they understand general information about prostate cancer formation, stages and treatments. learn more