Topics Marked With "cancer":

Cancerous Moles: Signs & Self-Examination

Cancerous moles must be distinguished from common moles.. It is therefore important for people to learn how cancerous moles look like, how they are diagnosed, treated, and prevented.learn more

Folic Acid Benefits

There are many benefits to increasing folic acid intake including preventing birth defects and fighting caners. Learning folic acid benefits and taking the proper amount of it can help you maintain bodily functions without side effects.learn more

Prostate Cancer

Although less aggressive than other forms of cancer, prostate cancer is a very common form of cancer affecting men. With the right amount of support, guidance and medical treatment, you can still lead a normal life.learn more

Prostate Cancer Stages

Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer in men. It is important that men get regular checkups and that they understand general information about prostate cancer formation, stages and treatments. learn more

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Although pancreatic cancer symptoms are often silent, there is nothing silent about your support and care. There are many options available to you for finding the support, answers, and treatments that you need.learn more

Anal Cancer Symptoms and Treatments You Should Know

Some anal cancer symptoms, like anal itch, bowel habit changes, etc. may not be very bothersome, but early diagnosis and treatment offer a better long-term outlook.learn more