12 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer 

While gel polish gives you extended wear, it is still not bullet proof. Non-gel polish often starts chipping within a few days. If you don’t let it dry long enough, you could ruin it within minutes. Everyday life brings with it everyday activities like washing hands, cleaning dishes, typing on the computer and other actions that can chip your nails. If you are lucky, your manicure might last a week.

It is important to keep in mind that polish cannot stay on forever. But there are things you can do to make it last as long as it can. Knowing how to make nail polish last longer can be easier than you think.

Best Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

1.     Nail Preparation

One of the most important things to do for a long lasting manicure and polish is nail preparation. You must keep your nails clean during the whole process. Set aside uninterrupted time to start and complete your manicure in one sitting. Painting a wet or dirty nail will greatly reduce the life of your polish.

2.     Wipe with Alcohol

During the last part of your manicure and before polish, you should wipe your nails down with alcohol. Regular rubbing alcohol will do. This will sanitize and dry your nails. It also allows the polish to adhere better and last longer.

3.     File in One Direction

Most of the time, unless you are a trained nail technician, you do not know how to properly file your nails. You should file in one direction, starting from an outer edge. Nail files come in different measures of grit and you want to use 240 or higher. By filing in this manner and with the right tool, you can keep the edge of your nails free of tears and splits. This will allow your polish to look fresh.

4.     Hydrate Hands

How to make nail polish last longer? Keep your hands properly hydrated, so your cuticles stay healthy and have less risk of forming hangnails. This prevents the cuticles from separating from your skin and causing your polish to crack. Apply a cuticle cream or oil to the skin around your nail after removing your polish. It will not interfere with the final outcome as long as you wipe your nails down with alcohol before polishing.

5.     Keep Your Nails Short

By keeping your nails short, you protect the tips from the wear and tear of everyday life. When your nails are long, you use them for a variety of things like scratching off price tags, opening key rings and peeling stickers. You should keep them trimmed shorter than your finger tip if you want to protect the polish from activities that will chip the polish.

6.     Use a Top Coat

Always apply a top coat. Make sure it is a reputable brand. To extend the length of your nail polish, do not buy a subpar product. By applying a good top coat, you give your nails an extra barrier against harmful elements and chipping.

7.     Don’t Forget the Edge

Your nails get the hardest beating on the edges. When you apply the top coat, make sure you put a coat on the edge and sides of your nails. This will enable you to better protect the polish so it is not chipped or does not lift as easy, making it one great but easy way on how to make nail polish last longer.

8.     Use Thin Strokes

If you apply your polish too thick, it will peel off quicker. While it takes less time at the moment, it will actually take up more of your time when you have to keep changing your polish. Use thin strokes, wiping the brush on the edge of the bottle to take off excess polish. It will take more time, but will last longer.

9.     No Hand Sanitizer

Regular use of hand sanitizer will dull your polish and dry out your hands. This makes your nails prone to breakage and splitting. If you can, wash your hands in warm water and with mild soap. Apply moisturizing hand lotion to keep the skin and cuticles hydrated.

10.    Avoid Soaking Nails

Even though they do it all the time at a nail salon, you should avoid soaking your nails if you want your polish to last longer. The water is absorbed into your nails, making them slightly expand. After they dry out, your polish constricts with your nails. This increases the risk of your nail polish cracking.

11.    Wear Gloves

If you want to know how to make nail polish last longer, consider wearing gloves when doing household chores or yard work. When you are washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom, wear the gloves that are designed to protect your hands from too much water and harsh cleaners. When pulling weeds or working on the yard, wear the gloves designed to keep the dirt out.

12.    Get Happy with Glitter

Glitter polish is more forgiving. It does not have to be applied evenly and it gives your nails a shine no matter the number of coats you apply. Glitter polish hides flaws so if you have any polish chips or cracks, it will be hard to see them. It gives your nails the appearance of clean lines, even if they are not smooth.