Boils Home Remedy (10 External Use and 9 Internal Use) 

Boils are skin infections that often form in a hair follicle, oil gland or small break in the skin. The most common places to see a boil are on the legs, armpits, buttocks, face, neck and shoulders.

The first sign of a boil is usually a raised area of redness, accompanied by pain, especially when the boil is pressed. Boils usually progress through this stage in four to seven days before the spot turns white as pus collects under the skin. Severe boils might lead to complications, such as scarring, skin abscesses and infections that find their way into other parts of the body.

Though most boils go away on their own, you can hasten their departure by taking advantage of these home remedies to ease the discomfort of boils.

Boils Home Remedies (External Use)

1. Cornmeal

The absorptive properties of cornmeal make it a great way to draw the heat and infection from boils. Make a paste of cornmeal and hot water, and apply to the boil several times a day until it opens up.

2. Eggs

A hard-boiled egg white is a boils home remedy that has been used for centuries to help ease the discomfort of boils. Put a hard-boiled white on the boil while the egg is still warm and cover it with a cloth. The result is instant pain relief.

3. Milk

Milk or any kind of dairy cream can help. Heat up one cup of milk and three teaspoons of salt together, stirring to combine. Then add in flour or bread crumbs to make a thick paste. Apply this to the boil several times per day.

4. Onion

The antiseptic chemicals in onions can hasten healing. Apply a piece of onion to the boil three to four times every day until it comes to a head and opens up.

5. Black Seed Oil

A very natural boils home remedy that has been around for centuries, black seed oil helps with many types of skin infections. Simply add half a teaspoon into a drink and have it twice a day.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Another proven remedy, tea tree oil is perfect for conditioning your skin. Simply apply the oil to a cotton ball and put it directly on the boil. Not only does it ease the pain, it also speeds up the healing process.

7. Castor Oil

Simply apply this potent oil to a cotton ball and then press it to the boil. Secure it there with a piece of skin tape or a band aid. Do this several times a day.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great option for boil relief. Make a solution of equal amounts ginger and turmeric and apply it to the boil several times a day.

9. Garlic

Fresh garlic cloves applied to the boil can help, as can warmed garlic cloves applied for fifteen minutes at a time, which is another boils home remedy. You can also eat more garlic to help your body fight off the boils.

10. Washcloth Compress

Heat draws out infection and helps ease the pain of boils. A washcloth soaked in very warm water, wrung out and placed over the boil can provide instant relief. Warm up the cloth with fresh water as it begins to cool.

Watch a video for three more useful home remedies for boils:

Boils Home Remedies (Internal Use )

Just as there are plenty of external remedies to help alleviate boils, internal boils home remedy can also be of great help to deal with the condition. Not only can these help ease the pain and inflammation, but they might help ensure that the boils don’t come back. Here are a few to try:

Home Remedy

How to Apply


Nutmeg stimulates circulation, which promotes healing. Add a 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite hot tea and drink.


Drink one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water three times a day.


Supplements or Echinacea tea have been shown to increase circulation and lymph drainage, which can help you reduce the boils.

Astralagus Tea

Eight glasses of this tea a day is known to help cut down on boils and skin infections.

Vitamin A

25,000 IU daily for two weeks has been shown to do the trick.

Vitamin C

A capsule of3,000 mg daily should be plenty to help.

B-complex vitamins

These vitamins can help with boils, but they can also help with other bodily issues, especially skin problems. One balanced supplement daily is recommended.


Another great supplement, take 25,000 IU per day to reduce boils.


50 mg daily for two weeks can show improvement for many skin conditions.


When you are desperate for a cure, you might be tempted to use a sharp edge to cut open the boil, or you might want to squeeze it in the hope of making it go away. Don’t do either of these, as they can drive the infection deeper or spread it, making it much worse and possibly leading to scarring in the area.

Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if the boil becomes very red and inflamed or develops red streaks around it. You should also call the doctor if you spike a fever, have swollen lymph nodes, the boil doesn’t drain or other boils appear. If you have any medical conditions that might make a boil dangerous, such as a compromised immune system, call your doctor immediately.