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Chronic Tonsillitis

Chronic tonsillitis begins with reoccurring acute tonsillitis. Knowing the symptoms and home remedies is vital. Tonsillectomy is also needed if it obstructs breathing.learn more

Tonsillitis Symptoms

Tonsillitis is contagious upper respiratory tract infection that is fairly common in young children. Due to recurrent episodes of tonsillitis, more children develop long term complications. Learn the symptoms and risk factors that may lead to tonsillitis. learn more

Symptoms of Strep Throat

Strep throat is a bacterial infection in the throat that causes tenderness and inflammation. This needs to be diagnosed and treated with antibiotics quickly to help reduce the risk of complications including rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation.learn more

How Do You Get Mono?

Mono or “the kissing disease” is frequently misunderstood, leaving many people wondering “how do you get mono”. It is transmitted via saliva, but in order to prevent and treat it, you need to know more than just that bit of information.learn more