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Prostate Problems: Signs, Types and Prevention

Prostate problems are not always caused by cancer, but it is important to have your symptoms tested to determine how best to treat them. Prostate problems should be addressed right away to prevent the damage from becoming worse.learn more

Swollen Testicles

Swollen testicles can be annoying at best and painful at worst. Regardless, it is vital to talk to a doctor about the potential causes, so you can understand how best to treat swollen testicles and the symptoms.learn more

Prostate Cancer

Although less aggressive than other forms of cancer, prostate cancer is a very common form of cancer affecting men. With the right amount of support, guidance and medical treatment, you can still lead a normal life.learn more

Why Is Your Sperm Clear?

Why is your sperm clear? Are you sick? Usually it's no big deal. We tell you why your sperm is clear, how to handle it and when fertility is affected.learn more