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The Complete Guide to Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a mixture of ingredients that will absorb the excess oil and dirt on the hair when you do not have time to wash it. Either commercial or natural dry shampoo is introduced here.learn more

20 Amazing Oily Hair Remedies

Oily hair can be unattractive and difficult to manage. Although it can be caused by hereditary factors, hair texture and hormonal fluctuations, there are many ways to remedy greasy hair. Keeping hair hygiene, using conditioner carefully and applying many at-home ingredients are all available for oily hair.learn more

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

In general, how often you wash your hair will depend on your personal preference. You want to find the balance between keeping your hair clean and making sure you don’t rinse away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy.learn more

Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Dry hair can be caused by internal factors like nutritional deficiencies but is often caused by external factor like damages to the hair strands. Home remedies for dry hair like getting more moisture into your hair are essential.learn more

Natural Hair Mask

Regardless of the type of problem you have with your hair, whether it is dry, oily, or frizzy, there is a natural hair mask that can combat the problem and result in shiny healthy hair.learn more

Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

Caring for natural hair can be a daunting task for anyone. Learn how to use aloe vera gel to make your hair (or your child's natural hair), clean, easy to manage and beautiful!learn more

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Seborrheic dermatitis treatment is highly manageable at home. Using the right shampoo, washing your hair and massaging your scalp with application of mineral or olive oil can help in reducing this condition.learn more

Benefits of Aspirin for Hair and Ways to Apply

Using aspirin for hair can help you have shiny, healthy hair. It can also help get rid of dandruff and other similar issues. Learn the right ways to use it.learn more

7 Quick Yips to Remove Lice from Hair by Your Own

Lice is really annoying, then how to remove it from your hair? Garlic, vinegar, neem and many other remedies can be of help. Learn detailed instructions to do it.learn more