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How to Treat Corns: Home Remedies & Medical Treatments

Corns are painful collections of skin on the feet that develop when there is excessive pressure on this area. How to treat corns? Several treatments for corns like wearing proper footwear and removing this excess skin can help you relieve the discomfort from corns.learn more

Callus Treatment

Calluses are hardened areas of skin that develop as a reaction to pressure and friction. They appear mainly on the feet and hands and may be unsightly or become painful. Therefore, several calluses treatment options including both medical help and home remedies are available.learn more

Top 16 Home Remedies for Corns on Feet

Corns on feet and toes can be a very painful condition. Using home remedies for corns can be a safe and natural alternative to expensive creams and pads sold over-the-counter. It may also save you a trip to the foot doctor or "podiatrist" and keep you on your feet pain-free.learn more