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Home Remedies for Cold

A common cold can make you feel miserable and out of sorts. Consider home remedies like salt water gargle and steaming which will bring you some relief.learn more

When Is a Cold Contagious?

When is a cold contagious? A cold can strike anytime and the second through the fourth day of symptoms is the most contagious period. The best cure is prevention; take the same basic precautions to avoid catching a cold and if you do get sick, to avoid transmitting it to others.learn more

Home Remedies for Runny Nose

A runny nose is irritating and can be a sign of other health issues. The home remedies for runny noses included here can give you relief and may help decrease the intensity of your symptoms.learn more

Flu Symptoms

The knowledge of flu symptoms can help in identifying the flu quickly. You can not only diagnose the flu quickly, but also take measures to minimize their effects by knowing about these symptoms. learn more