Most Effective Diet Pills 

Even though every diet pill will claim to be the best on the market, with a special, secret ingredient that will somehow allow you to lose 30 pounds in one month. But not every weight loss pill is as effective as the manufacturers claim and lead you to believe. Even though the majority of diet pills are made from nearly identical ingredients, like caffeine and herbal ingredients, the effectiveness of each brand is quite different, depending on the dosage and combination of entire ingredients. After researching hundreds of diet pills, we've found the best ones you can choose from and will talk about them in this article, their benefits and possible natural alternatives. Make sure to consult with your doctor before starting to take any diet pills or even beginning a weight loss diet plan.

Most Effective Diet Pills

Most people don't even know what they're looking for when choosing their diet pills. You're not looking for the diet pills that CLAIM to have the best results, like dropping 40 pounds in a month. Neither are you looking for the cheapest diet pills on the market. You're looking for the the safest, the most affordable and the most effective diet pills.

Below are 5 most effective diet pills:

1. Lipofuze

Lipofuze is probably the most common and popular diet pill. Made with all scientifically-proven ingredients, this diet pill helps increase your metabolism significantly which helps you burn calories and fat a lot faster. It also helps decrease your appetite so you end up eating less and cutting back on your calories. Cutting down on food ensured you don't have to wait too long before seeing some real results.

With long lasting results, Lipofuze contains green tea and irvingia gabonensis which work to burn fat effortlessly.

2. Fenphedra

While not as common as Lipofuze, Fenphedra is still one of the most effective diet pills on the market today. This diet pill targets the source of all weight loss and weight gain--your brain! This pill targets the chemicals in the brain that are directly connected to weight loss (CART and NPY). CART helps speed your metabolism rate and decrease appetite which cuts back your calories and helps you burn fat faster, while NPY is a stress hormone that can cause you to overeat and gain weight as a result. This diet pill can stimulate these chemicals so that you actually win the battle against weight this time!

3. 7-DFBX

This diet pill, as the name suggests, was designed specifically to help you lose weight in just 7 days. If you don't lose weight in a week, the manufacturer will even give you your money back. That's how confident they are. This is an ideal solution for all those times you want to lose a few pounds quickly for an upcoming special event, like an anniversary of high school reunion. It can also be used as a complementing supplement with any other diet pill, as all it really does is help you flush out any harmful toxins from your body that may have been preventing you from losing weight in the first place.

4. Myoripped

This diet pill is jam packed with all kinds of fat burning ingredients and is possibly THE best weight loss diet pill for men on the market today. Although there are loards of diet pills out there for men to choose from, men need a little more than the average diet pill can offer and this is where Myoripped comes in. While studies indicate that testosterone levels decrease as you age, which inevitably cause your muscles to weaken and your body to gain weight. This diet pill can change all that. A cure for every man, as it helps strengthen your muscles and increase endurance as well as giving your energy levels a serious boost. This pill can help you burn quite a lot of fat while energizing you and giving you more power at the same time.

5. OxySelect Pink

This diet pill is possibly one of the most extreme and most effective diet pills you can find on the market today for women. OxySelect Pink helps women lose weight while maintaining their curves which is an ideal solution for them. It helps them get that sexy look they're after that other diet pills don't offer. With one of the strongest and most intense combos of fat burners/metabolism and energy boosters around, topped off with specific female-ingredients to get the best body shape possible. This is the ideal diet pill choice for most women.

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

Not everyone is ready for diet pills, and that's understandable, too. For those people, below are some home remedies that can work just as effectively as diet pills.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon is a great source for all kinds of health benefits and a good way to lose weight. Before having breakfast, squeeze half a lemon into 1 cup of hot water and drink it. This helps your liver to burn off fat faster. This is probably one of the best natural remedies to help you lose weight fast, where you can expect to lose about 1lb a week for a month before your body gets used to the lemon and weight loss becomes a little slower.

2. Green Tea

No doubt everyone has heard of the benefits of green tea, which is full of anti-oxidants that slow down the aging process and keep you looking (and feeling) young for longer. That's not all that green tea is good for, however, as it's an excellent way to get rid of any excessive water in your body which helps you shed the extra weight and achieve better body shape.

3. Don't Eat 3 Hours before Bed

Your metabolism rate is naturally slower when you go to bed due to long periods of lack of activity which is why you burn fewer calories overnight. As such, it is recommended that you should try to void eating straight before you go to bed and give your body about 3 hours before bed time to burn the food you last ate. Another good tip is to avoid carbohydrates at night which are harder to burn (sugar, bread, pasta).

If you take this advice to heart and drink the lemon water daily, you're surely on your way to achieving the best weight loss results possible.

4. FDH

What is FDH? It stands for Friss die Hälfte which means eat the half. Reducing your calories so significantly can cause your energy levels to drop so make sure not to do this if you have a normal daily routine (go to work every day, etc.). Save it until you have a holiday when you don't have any tasks that require lots of energy.

However, make sure you don't break your calories into half instantly. You want to gradually break into it and combine this method with others we've talked about here to achieve best results.

5. More Exercises

Naturally, the more active you are, the more calories and fat you burn. But, of course, it's easy to talk about being active all day, and a lot harder to actually perform and stick to a daily active routine. If you're serious about losing weight, you need to follow a daily exercise routine. This will also help prevent any inevitable sagginess of your skin and help tone your body to keep your shape after weight loss.

Some good options are: daily jogging, jumping rope, pushups and sit-ups. The absolute best sport to lose weight is swimming. Swimming helps you lose much more calories without putting any strain on your joints since you're floating in the water (unlike running which can be bad for your legs). Furthermore, anyone can swim, regardless of how much they weigh.

Tip: don't ever overdo it with your exercises in the beginning. Not only can it cause strain and injury, but put you off from exercising regularly when it feels like a dreaded chore rather than an activity you enjoy.