Best Condoms 

Condoms have been used in some capacity since approximately 1000 BC. Since then the design has changed significantly to improve physical pleasure and efficiency. Today, condoms are typically made of polyurethane, AT-10 resin, polyisoprene, or latex which can be fashioned into thin, thick, lubricated, flavored, ribbed and other versions. These designs are typically inexpensive and disposable which increases their safety. Below we have outlined the best condoms on the market that promote safety while encouraging pleasure for those using them.

12 Best Condoms

Below we list 12 best condoms for you, which helps choose your preferred condoms on the market.

1. Crown Skinless Skin

These are natural rubber latex varieties that are designed to be sturdy while still very thin. This increases stimulation for men while allowing women to feel their partner without the separation a thicker condom can cause.

2. Lifestyles Skyn

These condoms are made from a new version of a non-latex polyisoprene material help mimic condom-free sex with heightened sensitivity. Because they are made without latex, they do not have the odor that is commonly associated with inexpensive condoms. These condoms are also lubricated to reduce friction and are flexible and soft to help contour to the shape of the man's body.

3. Lifestyles Doubleplay

These condoms by Lifestyles were designed to better fit a man with ribbing at the top and studs at the bottom to increase a woman's pleasure.

4. Trojan Extended Pleasure

These condoms are coated in a benzocaine numbing lubricant that will decrease friction to increase pleasure while reducing the chance of premature ejaculation for those that have trouble in this area.

5. Trojan Supra

These condoms are made from microsheer polyurethane that is very thin so partners can feel the heat of each other's bodies during intercourse. The condoms are also coated in a spermicide to encourage safe sex. You can use these condoms with oil or water based lubricant without the risk of them breaking.

6. Durex Extra Sensitive

These condoms are designed to encourage heightened sensitivity because their head is wider than many other brands. They are also coated in a lubricant to reduce their risk of tearing.

7. Lifestyle His N' Her

The wider head on these condoms make them easier for men to wear while the ribbing adds to additional stimulation for women. The condom is also lubricated to ensure that both partners are satisfied.

8. Kimono Microthin

These condoms are designed with a natural latex rubber that can be stretched micro-thin, but have proven to be safe in spite of this very thin layer of protection. The shape is specifically designed to make them more comfortable for men to wear.

9. Inspiral

These condoms are unique because they incorporate a twisting seashell design that allows for more friction against sensitive nerve endings for increased pleasure. These condoms are one of the number one sellers on the market.

10. Beyond Seven

These condoms are made from Sheerlon latex that will fit a man more snugly, offering a very thin layer that is still strong to ensure that the condom will not break.

11. Lifestyles SKYN

Those that are allergic to latex will be able to use these ultra-thin condoms. These are also covered with a lubricant that is long lasting to ensure comfort for both partners.

12. Durex Avanti BARE Latex

These ultra-fine latex condoms are scented to enhance the experience and add to the overall mood.

Tips for Using a Condom Safely

  1. Check the Expiration Date. The expiration date for your condoms should be on the outside of the box and printed on the packaging for the individual condom. Older condoms are more likely to break than those that are fresher.
  2. Use a New Condom. Every time you have vaginal, anal or oral sex you should use a new condom. You should also switch condoms when you change the type of sex you are having with your partner during a single session.
  3. Open the Package Carefully. Make sure the condom is not sticky, dry and does not have any holes before using it. Take the time to open the package properly to make sure that you do not damage the condom as you take it out of the packaging.
  4. Use It under the Directions. Unroll the condom over the erect penis until it is completely covered, making a point to cover the penis before any genital contact has occurred amongst partners. If you are using a condom that does not have a reservoir tip to collect semen, pinch the tip of the condom to create one. When you are ready to remove the condom, withdraw completely form the partner after you have ejaculated. Hold the condom at the base of the penis and carefully withdraw to avoid spilling semen. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it away.
  5. Store It Correctly. Condoms should not be stored in a hot location like wallets because the heat may break down the latex. Keep your condoms in a cool location that is out of direct sunlight. Storing your condoms in a roomy pocket, purse or wallet for a few hours is perfectly safe.
  6. Buy Only Latex Condoms. Latex condoms are more effective at preventing disease than other varieties. Some novelty condoms are not designed to prevent pregnancy, so read carefully when making your selection. If you plan on using additional lubricant while you are having sex, use a water based variety that will not damage the latex. Note that condoms that come coated in a spermicide can cause irritation to the skin. Only use this material to prevent pregnancy as it is not approved for preventing the spread of disease.