An orgasm is a discharge of sexual tension that has accumulated which results in a highly pleasurable rhythmic muscular contraction that is quickly followed by intense relaxation. Orgasms are also largely psychological in nature, allowing you to focus on the experience and pleasure while abandoning all other thoughts. Orgasms are not just concentrated in the pelvis but impact the whole body, as expressed by the facial expressions while one is undergoing orgasm. The tips for better orgasm in the article may be helpful in improving your sex life.

Orgasm between Male and Female

One of the main differences between these orgasms is that it is much easier for women to have multiple orgasms in a short time span, while most man enter the refractory period, which makes further orgasm impossible, unless a man has learned to orgasm without ejaculating.

1. Orgasm of Males

Men typically describe an orgasm as a warm sensation accompanied by pressure that is paired with ejaculatory inevitability. Men then feel intense contractions that are very pleasurable throughout the anal sphincter, pc muscles, perineum, rectum and genitals. Some describe this as a feeling like they are pumping as a rush of fluid moves through the genitals. This is typically accompanied by the ejaculation of semen from the penis. It should be noted that ejaculating and having an orgasm are not one and the same and it is quite possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

2. Orgasm of Females

A woman’s orgasm frequently takes on a sense of suspension that is followed by a sensation of pleasure starting in the clitoris and moving throughout the pelvis. Many describe this as feeling as though their genitals are warm or tingling, a sensation that will spread throughout the body. Some also experience “pelvic throbbing” or a sensation that their vaginal muscles are contracting.

How to Improve Orgasm

1. Eat Right

There are several foods that are known aphrodisiacs, or foods that are helpful in stimulating sexual desire. Popular aphrodisiacs include asparagus, avocados, buttermilk, chilies, chocolate, licorice, tomatoes, and oysters. Putting cornstarch on the body can also help relax the body and create a sexual sensation.

2. Seek the Right Position and Tools

Selecting a position that creates friction such as having the female on top or placing a pillow beneath the female’s hips can make orgasms more likely. Using a vibrator or other tools to increase stimulation can also increase the likelihood of your orgasms.

3. Say Out Loud

Men tend to like direction during sex. Making pleasurable sounds or telling your partner what you enjoy can help you both reach a point of sexual satisfaction.

4. Know what Turns You On

Masturbating on your own will help you learn what will make you orgasm. You can translate this knowledge to experiences with your partner to heighten your pleasure.

5. Practice Kegels

Kegels are exercises that work the muscles in the pelvic floor so you can experience a stronger orgasm. The best way to do this is to envision yourself stopping the flow of urine when using the bathroom by tightening your pelvic muscles. Practicing these exercises throughout the day, including deep breathing while you hold this squeeze can show dramatic results.

6. Seek Thrills with Your Partner

Taking part in thrill seeking behavior can increase the dopamine in your brain which may increase your desire for sexual satisfaction.

7. Delay Your Pleasure

The longer you allow the tension to build, the more intense your orgasm will be. Build up to your orgasm then slow down your sexual activity, repeating this a few times before you allow yourself to climax.

8. Be More Creative in Foreplay

It may take you longer to get into the mood than your partner, which can lead to a disconnect in bed. Sending each other sexy messages throughout the day or trading massages can be a great way to get both parties ready for a sexual encounter.

9. Explore Erotica

There are many tasteful erotic films or literature that can help partners get aroused together. Exploring some of these options can help a couple find something that will improve the sexual tension for both of you.

10. Check Your Medication

Sometimes antidepressants and other medications can limit your ability to orgasm. Talk with your doctor if you suddenly notice things are not functioning the way they once did, particularly if you have just started a new prescription.

11. Relax Yourself

If you are feeling stressed it can hurt your ability to achieve an orgasm. Finding ways to help yourself relax before you try to make love can help you enjoy the experience more thoroughly.

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