Mustard Seed Benefits 

They don't just taste good, but rather there are many mustard seed benefits that you probably don't even realize. We tend to use them in cooking such as in potato salad or over hot dogs, but there is much more to them. The benefits to the tiny but powerful seeds can be quite profound and help you to get healthier with every serving. If you haven't already started including them in your diet, it's time to start, and you will love what they do for you just as much as how great they taste.If you love mustard, then you're in luck. Even if you've never been a big fan, once you learn about the many benefits, you'll be sold. Here we look at why including mustard seeds in your diet may benefit your health.

Mustard Seed Benefits

1. They Can Prevent Certain Types of Cancer

Mustard seeds help with the prevention of gastrointestinal cancer due to the existence of phytonutrients.Incorporating sufficient servings of mustard seeds may help to prevent the growth of potential tumors, and may even go after any current or growing tumors as well.

2. They Can Get Your Asthma Under Control

Mustard seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, such as selenium and magnesium. This matters to congestion and to your respiratory problems. It also has a very profound effect in managing your asthma when consumed in a regular basis.

3. They Can Help to Manage Muscle Pain

Selenium and magnesium in mustard seeds can help relieve inflammation and your muscle pain. They can also produce heat and work similarly as a heating pad. Try soaking some mustard seeds in your bath water, or making some paste out of the seeds and applying it to the affected area.

4. They May Helpto Control Constipation

They are loaded with fiber which helps to ward off constipation. They are loaded with a substance called mucilage which makes going easier. The fiber content alone is worthy of making mustard seeds a regular fixture in your diet.

5. They Can Help with Long Term Weight Loss

Mustard seed benefits your weight loss because it is loaded with Vitamin B complex. This matters for weight loss because it can help to speed up your metabolism. Including mustard or mustard seeds in a meal may help to keep you feeling satisfied for longer–thus also working as an appetite suppressant.

6. They Can Naturally Lower Elevated Cholesterol Levels

When you want to lower cholesterol, you need to turn to "good fats" and you find that here. Mustard seeds are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids which you need to improve heart health. This substance is also known to lower elevated cholesterol and even blood pressure levels.

7. They Can Help to Stimulate Essential Hair Growth

Mustard seeds are loaded with Vitamin A and beta carotene which can naturally and effectively stimulate hair growth. You can consume mustard seeds or even opt for a mustard oil to help with essential hair growth.

8. They Can Fight Skin Infections Naturally

Mustard seeds are naturally high in sulphur which happens to be a pretty potent ingredient when it comes to fighting infections. The reason that this one ingredient works is that it has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Topical use of paste made from mustard seeds on the clean skin works well for calming the signs and symptoms related to ringworms.

9. They Can Help To Repel Poison

If you find yourself in a situation where you have eaten something harmful, then mustard seeds can help. Taking a teaspoon of mustard seeds seeped in boiling water can help to induce vomiting, and thus ensure that you get rid of the toxic substance before any harm is done.

10. They Can Treat Cold and Sinus Problems

The mustard seed benefits keep on coming because you can also use them as an effective and wonderful decongestant. They can help to clear away mucus, and they may even help to act as an expectorant. Taking them early on when the symptoms hit can be wise and ensure that you don't have to suffer any longer with a stuffy nose or ongoing cold or sinus problems.


It is important to note that you need to use mustard seeds in small amounts. Though they are safe for consumption, go slow with them. If you eat too large of a quantity, it may cause gastric upset or related stomach problems in the long term. It's also important not to expose the skin to mustard seeds for too long.

Tips for Enjoying Mustard Seeds

  • You may want to soak mustard seeds in water to ensure that they don't come on too strong. You can also grind them into powder form for a versatile way to enjoy them.
  • You can enjoy mustard seeds as a marinade for meats and seafood. You can use them in vinaigrette as a delicious salad dressing. You can also make a paste to top your favorite foods for an extra delicious flavor.
  • Use mustard seeds as you would as any other condiment, but know that they have a strong flavor and can overpower if you use too much at once.