Hot Water with Lemon 

Many people swear by sipping lemon water first thing in the morning or right before bed. There are many health benefits associated with this home remedy in addition to the benefits of drinking plenty of liquid throughout the day to stay hydrated. Follow along to learn the benefits of incorporating hot water with lemon into your regular diet.

First, let’s watch how to make warm water & lemon to start your day:

Health Benefits of Hot Water with Lemon

1. Improve the Immune System and Skin

Lemons contain a great deal of vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system by neutralizing free radicals that can cause disease and aging. Sipping a cup of water with lemon each day will help to rid the body of toxins and other substances while boosting the level of vitamins and potassium in the body. Vitamin C also helps to improve the skin by decreasing acne and blemishes.

2. Balance PH

Drinking a cup of water with lemon helps to maintain an alkaline state because the acid in lemons does not produce acid in the body.

3. Promote Liver Function

Lemon juice helps to strengthen the enzymes in the liver while increasing enzyme production and regulating carbohydrates in the body. Consuming the juice from half a lemon in warm water can act as a detoxifier for the liver.

4. Promote Blood Vessel Condition

Lemon contains bioflavonoids or vitamin P which helps to reduce the risk of internal hemorrhaging.

5. Aid in Digestion

Like many other fresh fruits and vegetables, lemon juice is a good source of pectin fiber, a water soluble fiber that helps to lower “bad” cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps to reduce food cravings so you do not overeat.

6. Work as a Natural Diuretic

Drinking hot water with lemon helps to increase the amount of urine you produce, helping you to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.

7. Hydrate the Body

Drinking hot water with lemon regularly helps you keep your body hydrated. If you become dehydrated you can feel sluggish, tired, a lack of energy, constipation, lack of sleep, lack of mental clarity, decreased immune system and high or low blood pressure.

8. Help With Weight Loss

The high fiber content in lemon juice helps to prevent cravings for food. Those that help their body maintain an alkaline state also lose weight more easily than those that do not.

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