How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Shingles 

Shingles, a disease caused by the zoster virus responsible for the chicken pox, is a painful ailment that results in a blistery rash. Older adults or people with illnesses that weaken their immunities are more susceptible to the disease. Most often, someone will get shingles and never get it again. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. The virus can strike at any time, affecting a different part of your body. Natural remedies, like the apple cider vinegar shingles treatment, can help in a successful recovery.

How It Helps

Apple cider vinegar is well known as a natural treatment for several types of ailments. It is an effective remedy that can be used both orally or topically. It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which makes it efficient at treating and soothing shingles. Drinking apple cider vinegar promotes healing and using it topically reduces inflammation.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Shingles

1.     Drink It

One of the apple cider vinegar shingles treatments is to drink a teaspoon twice a day. This helps speed up the healing of the blistery rash. This treatment is effective for most people, but should not be used for pregnant women. Pregnant women should avoid drinking apple cider vinegar if at all possible.

2.     Apply It

Another way to use apple cider vinegar for treatment of shingles is to apply it topically to the affected area. Put 2 tablespoons of the vinegar into a small bowl. Using a cotton ball dipped in the liquid, apply it on the rash and blisters. This will suppress the virus, reducing the severity of the blisters and pain. For a quicker recovery, apply twice a day. You also have the option of taking a bath with apple cider vinegar added. Run a warm bath and add about one-fourth cup of the vinegar. Soak for 20-30 minutes to soothe your rash and promote healing. Repeat once a day until healed.

3.     Use with Compress

Another apple cider vinegar shingles treatment is to use it with a compress. Doing so can alleviate pain and relieve itching. Soak a compress is a mixture of 2 cups of warm water and one-half cup of apple cider vinegar. Place it on the affected area of skin for 10-15 minutes. Repeat up to four times a day.

4.     Combine with Manuka Honey

The combination of Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for shingles. The honey has antibacterial properties, while the vinegar adds antimicrobial components. They work together to suppress the virus, heal the blisters and soothe the pain.

5.     Use with Fruit Juice

The vitamin C in fruit juice helps treat shingles while lessening the pain and discomfort of the accompanying rash. It works by boosting your immunity levels. To get the benefits of both fruit juice and apple cider vinegar, combine 1-2 tablespoons of the vinegar in a glass of orange or tomato juice.

Shingles have the potential of becoming lethal if not treated properly. If natural remedies and treatments do not work, make sure to seek the assistance of your doctor. In addition, for any treatment to be effective, whether natural or prescribed, you need to make sure you get plenty of rest during the healing process.

Tips and Precautions

  • Keep stress levels down, as this can worsen your shingles and weaken your immunity levels.
  • Avoid scratching and touching the affected area, as you can cause it to become inflamed and even spread.
  • Eat a diet rich in vitamin C to boost your immunity.
  • Don’t eat spicy food, as this can increase the pain associated with the rash and blisters.
  • Stay away from junk food, which can cause your body to get out of balance.

Other Remedies That Help

Besides apple cider vinegar shingle treatments, there are other natural remedies you can try.

1.     Organic Honey

Organic honey has medicinal properties that can soothe your skin’s inflammation and treat the blisters. Simply spread honey on a bandage and place it on the affected area of skin. Secure it in place and leave it on for a few hours. Use until your shingles have cleared. This treatment will also help rejuvenate your skin during the healing process.

2.     Virgin Coconut Oil

For the treatment of shingles, virgin coconut oil can be highly effective. Its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties allow it to combat the effects of shingles and eliminate the rash and blisters. You can soak gauze in the oil and then place it on the affected skin. Leave for a couple of hours, replacing with a new compress several times a day.

3.     Vitamin C

Increase your vitamin C intake to 4,000 mg every day until your shingles are gone. This will boost your immunities, giving your body the ability to effectively fight the virus. You can increase your intake through eating more vitamin C rich foods and taking a supplement.

4.     Aloe Vera and Cayenne Pepper

Combine equal amounts of cayenne pepper and aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture onto affected skin, dispersing evenly. The antimicrobial properties of the two ingredients will work to prevent the spread of the shingles, as well as boost the regeneration of skin cells and your immune system.

5.     Green Tea

Consuming green tea throughout the day is an alternative remedy to apple cider vinegar shingles treatments. Because of its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it works by fighting the spread of the disease. It is also known as a natural treatment for stress, which is a known contributing factor to the development and severity of shingles.